Steven & Karen Mack

Senior Pastors - As pastoral couple of Berlin International Community Church, Steve and Karen Mack are committed to seeing God build a large, influential local church with a global impact. They believe people are God's greatest treasure and desire to see every person reach their God-given potential. They are especially focused on raising up the next generation of men and women to serve and lead in all areas of life and ministry.

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Andrew Mack

Andrew is a man on a mission to see the Church of Jesus Christ rise up and experience its greatest days on the earth in this generation. He is a leader whom God has gifted to inspire others in passion and devotion to the House of God. His ministry at BICC is focused on seeing the Holy Spirit transform and fill the lives of men, women and children, releasing them to their God-given destiny as Christ's followers. Andrew is a talented musician, teacher and preacher who loves life in Berlin. He is an ordained pastor and a professional member of the Nashville-based Gospel Music Association.

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Claudia Kufo

Claudia believes in the power of Jesus Christ to transform and change lives. Her dramatic testimony has encouraged and impacted men, women and children around the world through her leadership and Bible teaching. An ordained pastor and theologian, her focus is on building the local church into a place of refuge and healing for the nations.