Greater Vision

Greater Vision Blank.001.jpeg

Part One:

Make it Big, Make it Loud

From the heart of Berlin comes a sound, a sound that can be heard across the continent of Europe and the nations of the earth - it’s the sound of a victorious church. A church where the Word of God is proclaimed with boldness and power. A church where creative talent from around the globe takes the stage giving glory to God. A church where members unapologetically rise to the task of bringing worth and value to the marketplace through excellence of skill and character. A world-class church of great attraction - where all nations come to worship - unashamed to show others our love for Jesus Christ. A church of innovation and influence. This is our sound.


Change your mindset: know with confidence it is God’s plan for you to live a blessed life for Him.

Change your lifestyle: start living to your fullest potential by applying excellence and your best efforts to everything you do.

Partner in the vision: make it big, make it loud in the House of God, whatever it takes.


Part two:

Für Berlin

Let there be light - the light of a community of people believing, praying, and working for the peace and prosperity of the city. It’s the light of the church, a church for Berlin. A church sent out into all spheres of life - a community with open doors. A church where members engage for the betterment of the city - in business, politics, education, media, and entertainment. A church with a positive role in local society. A church that believes in good days ahead. A local church - from Berlin and for Berlin.


Change your mindset: see people God’s way - with love and compassion.

Change your lifestyle: make more room in your schedule by giving a listening ear, helping hand, and encouraging word. Pray for those in your sphere of influence.

Partner in the vision: make yourself at home in Berlin. Live and serve in and outside the House of God as though you’re never leaving. 


Part Three:

Global Legacy

Beyond the horizon of time and space lies the world of tomorrow. Standing at the crossroads of history is a church - a church of vision - vision for tomorrow, vision for the next generation, vision for Berlin, and vision for the world. A church not fixated on short-term solutions but on building a movement impacting generations. Long term commitment equals long term results. A church that sacrificially gives now for a vision that may not be completed in one generation. Believing that out of Berlin a church can and will rise to impact all levels of society rewriting history forever. This is global legacy.


Change your mindset: think globally - get out of your box.

Change your lifestyle: be generous - invest in people, especially the next generation.

Partner in the vision: commit your time, talent, and treasure to the House of God - believing together we can establish a large influential Berlin-based local church with global impact.